Adapted from the acclaimed novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn the story follows a white author who gets sucked into the heart of contemporary Native American life in the sparse lands of the Dakota’s by a 95-year-old Lakota elder and his side-kick.


First published in 1994 and winner of the Minnesota Book award in 1996, no other novel is seen to so successfully bridge the gap between white America and the Native American world. It still sells well aided by a wide readership through academic use. Two sequel novels followed to equal acclaim.

The publisher, New World Library estimates worldwide sales at around half a million copies with sales in Europe and in particular Germany being very strong. In 2017 a new edition was released from the UK by Canongate, in a deal brokered by Robert Plant of Led Zepplin, who also went on promotional events with the author as he is such a huge fan of the novel. It launched into the top 10 on the Amazon best-seller list in the UK.

The American Indian College fund said, “This is one of those rare works that once you’ve read it, you can never look at the world, or at people, the same way again.”