In Theatres Now – Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Our current theatrical release is the Landmark Native American film, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, which is methodically moving through theatres state by state in the US. 150+ theatres from states that make up less than 15% of the US market. Click here for our brochure. 

Wider US release than A Trip to Spain, Lady Macbeth, A Quiet Passion, Frantz, Viceroy’s House, Lucky, & Cannes Winners The Square & I, Daniel Blake without going national yet.

By the time the end credits arrive, the characters of this modest, crowd-funded feature are practically unforgettable. It’s immensely serious but no downer.”  Colin Covert – Star Tribune ★★★½ out of four stars

Theatre Quotes

  • This was our 2nd largest attendance since re-opening 15 months ago. It beat Beauty and the Beast.” (Commercial theatre film opened 7/6/18)
  • The Lagoon’s opening weekend of NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG was the best weekend gross in the entire country. It’s nice to see that beautifully told stories can still find an audience.” (Hugh Wronski Landmark Theatres (Minneapolis))
  • We so loved having the film. Thank you for sharing it with us. Our community had an incredible response to the film. Conversations lingered in the lobby long, long afterward. It was something to see. Thank you again!” (Program Director at The State Theatre, Michigan).
  • It was our fourth highest grossing film of the past 52 weeks and the second highest per show attendance. We actually beat 11 of the 12 blockbusters at Regal City Center and everything that first week at Living Room Theatres. So a home-run for us!” (Arthouse in Vancouver, WA) (NWND grossed 3 times more than The Rider at that cinema).
  • it did very well for an independent. The marketing you do for it makes all the difference. We are primarily first-run, and not many of the independent films we bring in do as well as this.” (2 screen commercial in Massachusetts)
  • “The turnout was very good for the movie. It outperformed Tomb Raider every night (opened the same day). The last night, Thursday, was nearly a sellout. We had people come from all over. Fantastic movie.” “I can’t believe that we had so many people come from so far away. It was wonderful”. (2 screen rural commercial in Illinois)

Release Strategy

We have a team that works on every theatre as its own market and do extensive local media and outreach. As a result of this success, we’ve been in more theatres in our targetted states so far than all but the biggest blockbusters.


South Dakota 16 5926
Montana 11 3438
Maine 10 2439
Oregon 20 1575
Alaska 3 1304
Vermont 3 1579
Washington 23 1018
Minnesota 15 877
North Dakota 2 833
Idaho 3 577
Arizona 12 558